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AI Product Engineer

Full-Time Remote, US 0-1 Years

About Semgrep

Our mission is to make world-class software security available to everyone. This means building program analysis tools that are open source, easy to use, powerful, and fast. It also means building a team with security expertise and a passion for great developer experiences. Most of all, it means working with honesty and respect in a diverse community of dreamers and builders. We’ve redefined static analysis tooling by committing to all of these, and turned our project, Semgrep, into an essential safeguard for code at Snowflake, Dropbox, and more.

About the role

As one of our first AI Product Engineers, you will use the rapidly changing tools from leading AI/ML platform companies such as OpenAI, Anthropic, Hugging Face, Amazon, Google, along with training our own ML models to build a compounding value-add for developers in Semgrep. Your mission is to augment the security engineers and developers as they write secure software and find critical vulnerabilities. The team will tend to use high-level tools such as ChatGPT and LangChain, versus doing low-level machine learning research.

Location expectations:

  • Our hope is you will be based out of our San Francisco or New York office, but for the right candidate, we’re willing to be flexible.

Prior experience in a fast-paced, tech environment is helpful, but we are more interested in your passion for LLMs and AI and your problem solving skills than your pedigree. So if this opportunity excites you but you don’t meet the exact requirements, apply anyway!

What you’ll do

  • Integrate AI platform APIs into the product
  • Develop prompt chains for LLMs
  • Experiment with the latest technology advances and understand how they can be leveraged into the product
  • Train and fine-tune the ML models using human and machine-generated data

You are ideal for this role if you have

  • Curiosity and a love of new technologies
  • Deep passion for developer tools and the engineering workflow
  • Experience hacking with GPT-4, Codex, or other LLMs
  • Experience with ML algorithms and/or research
  • Experience working in a startup or fast-paced environment, comfortable with discarding prototypes weekly
  • Comfortable with coding in Python
  • Interest in prompt engineering and vector databases
  • Code security interest is a plus but not a requirement
  • College degree is not a requirement


Salary Range: $134,000 - $202,000

Our compensation package includes equity and benefits in addition to salary.

Please note that the range listed is for someone based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What we offer

Our goal is to competitively and fairly compensate every Semgrep employee with a system that equally rewards those who are vocal and those who are less comfortable making demands during the final steps of the hiring process. To that end, we generate internal compensation bands that are used when discussing and negotiating salaries. We update these based on market data to make sure they’re above the average for comparable roles.

We also invest in our employees’ well-being and long term success with comprehensive health plans, generous vacation time, 401k matching, learning stipends, and more. Our benefits are for everyone, so that you’re taken care of, and we work with individuals to make sure they have what they need, whether that’s quiet work space, adjusted hours, or something else.

Who we are

We have people from France and the Philippines, physics and philosophy, formal methods research and full fledged corporations. We’re new parents and new grads, aspiring authors and aspiring Americans, dog lovers and dogfooders. We get together often to bike, bake, and meet up in parks. In our interactions, we believe respect and honesty go hand in hand, and prioritize both.

Semgrep is an equal-opportunity employer seeking a diverse range of backgrounds. We value who you are — including your cultural heritage, your socioeconomic status, your age, your race, your gender, your sexual orientation, your disabilities. We value what’s vitally important to you — your family, your religion, your politics. We value what you love in this world — your music, your weekend pursuits. We believe in welcoming varied professional backgrounds, educations, and interests. If you’re exceptional in your role, believe in Semgrep’s mission, and treat Semgrep’s values as your own, you belong here.


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