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Generative AI Engineer

Freelance Berlin, Germany 2-5 Years

Why we exist?

We exist to bring the magic of Generative AI to millions of people.

Our thesis

Generative AI is a new wave of technological disruption that will ripple through countless industries. We started Genova to be at the forefront of the revolution. Genova, meaning "New Wave" is a venture studio aimed at building delightful products around Generative AI.

Our story

After founding Smallpdf (a top 100 website globally) and Taxfix (a FinTech unicorn), Mathis (Linkedin profile) founded Genova, together with a handful of other product, growth and AI experts. Our aim is to combine our expertise and experience to build products that improve human experiences for millions of people.

Why now?

Society is at an inflection point. Where the capabilities of generative AI are only just being discovered. The next decade we expect the revolution to take place. Generative AI will become mainstream and be at the core of all product experiences.

What is a Generative AI engineer at Genova.ai?

Generative AI engineers are responsible for developing new Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications that use generative technologies. The engineer will have to work within a team of front-end engineers, UI designers and marketers to create products for consumers with generative AI.

The primary responsibility of this position is to create, design, and implement AI algorithms that generate new data or outputs with visually generative models. The AI engineer is required to not only have technical expertise but a great visual sense to marry the world of visual arts and machine learning models.

What you will do

  • Plan, conceptualize, test and implement technical products with visual generative AI systems such as Stable Diffusion for images, video and 3D
  • Create, iterate and benchmark ML models on their visual aesthetic outputs for the best results for our customers
  • Researching and developing new AI algorithms, models, and architectures to create generative visual outputs
  • Utilising deep learning and reinforcement learning methods for data processing and generating intelligent outputs
  • Optimize and iterate on visual aesthetics and creative outputs for AI algorithms by using computer vision automation, model fine-tuning as well as manual design inputs

Your background

  • A Bachelor’s and Master degree in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence or a related field
  • 3+ years of experience in software development, in AI engineering • Experience with coding languages like Python, Java, exposure to computer vision
  • Professional experience in visual arts such as UX/UI, visual design, 3D design, photography, film or art collection - in combination with commercial user testing, prototyping and implementation
  • Experience with deep-learning-based diffusion models and technologies such as Stable Diffusion and Dreambooth

How does Genova.ai operate?

Genova is a fundamentally new approach to how products are built. Genova is a studio with 4 product teams - each one building simple tools and software to enable millions of people to use the magic of Generative AI.

The 4 product teams are agile, release every day and build small, scalable products that generate loads of value for a lot of people. If their product becomes profitable, the team will receive a percentage of those profits as bonuses.

The product pods are supported by the studio layer, which includes supporting functions, a kick-ass growth and marketing team as well as some of the top AI researchers in Europe.

Genova aims to always stay agile and fast - we aim to hire smart and experienced people, capping our headcount at 40 people in total. If a product requires more people, it will become a spin-off with its own team.

Why Genova.ai?

  1. We build faster than anyone else. We will fail and learn faster than anyone else.
  2. We will fundamentally question everything and disrupt the status quo.
  3. We are well-funded but don’t take VC funding. We only build for us and our customers.
  4. We stay a startup forever. We will never fall for the trap of building a big corporation with politics, endless meetings and slow operations.
  5. We have amazing fun as a team working with only top talent.
  6. We leave our ego at the door and focus on the joy of building things together.

If you are excited about how we work at Genova, interested in the space of generative AI and you think the description above is a good fit for you, please apply. We are excited to talk to you.


We exist to bring the magic of Generative AI to millions of people.

Berlin, Germany

1-10 Employees

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