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Prompt Engineer

Full-Time Remote, Germany 0-1 Years

As cluster Digital Platforms, we provide cross-industry services so our customers can concentrate on digitalizing their businesses. Our vision is: "Reduce complexity - scale value!" You develop directly usable platform services that will be ordered by our customers at the push of a button. As a cluster, we are the basis for the digitization of the Deutsche Bahn Group and an integral part of every customer solution. We work on the pulse of time and recognize the trends of tomorrow. Be part of an agile, self-organized team and develop the best solutions for our partners. Big Data, AI, IoT, Analytics, Public Cloud, and Security are the main topics of our daily work.

We are looking for you as Prompt Designer / Prompt Engineer to join DB Systel as soon as possible.

The position is 100% remote within Germany.

Your tasks

  • You analyze use cases and identify goals and requirements to create accurate and effective text prompts
  • You collaborate with other professionals, such as Data Scientists, to develop and improve AI models and implement them in adjacent systems
  • You select appropriate training data to train AI systems to generate human-like responses
  • You develop text prompts using methods such as Natural Language Generation (NLG) to improve the accuracy of the AI system's responses
  • You evaluate and adapt text prompts using feedback from users and other sources to improve the performance of the AI system

Our Tech Stack: Java, Python, C#, Node.js, Java.script, Automation and CI/CD, Azure OpenAI (ChatGPT), AWS AI Services, emerging competitors, Linux, Bash, Windows, MySQL, NoSQL, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Gitlab, GitHub, Scrum, Kanban

Your Profile

  • As a pioneer in this emerging field, you probably completed your university studies in (business) psychology, specialized computing or a comparable field; alternatively, you have an apprenticeship in this sector with corresponding professional experience and a strong passion for the implications of AI on the business world
  • You are experienced in developing text prompts for AI systems, such as chatbots, translation tools, automatic response systems and other NLP applications
  • You bring a wide understanding of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and methods such as Natural Language Generation (NLG), as well as experience in evaluating and adapting text prompts to improve the performance of AI systems
  • You have the ability to analyze complex use cases and select training data to create effective text prompts
  • Collaborative skills and experience working with other professionals, such as Data Scientists, to develop and improve AI models characterize your working standards
  • Fluent English & German skills complete your profile

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